5 Countries Round Trip

Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary & Slovenia

Sample Itinerary (click here)

1st DAY

Your 90-minute tour of the Czech Beer Museum begins with an overview of world beer history. In the next stage of the tour you’ll discover the behind-the-scenes magic of making Czech Beer using the brewery and malthouse models. Continue underground to the 13th-century cellars and see how the cooper's shop looked and how ice was dug out and stored before refrigeration was invented. During the tour you’ll see hundreds of historical artifacts. Enjoy 4 types of Czech beers in 2 showroom pubs – the first from the 1920s and the second from Communist times.

On the last part of your tour you’ll head to the bottling room, where you’ll create a unique souvenir of Prague. You’ll be given a bottle, which you’ll fill with beer using the brewery's equipment and then cork the bottle yourself. Finally, you’ll create your own label and apply it to the bottle, and your souvenir is ready to go!

2nd DAY

Visit a majestic Gothic castle founded 650 years ago by Charles IV, King of Bohemia and of the Roman Empire. The castle was built in the 14th century as a place for safekeeping of royal treasures, especially the coronation jewels.

The river Vltava flowing under your feet, a romantic view of the Charles Bridge and a newly designed interior inspired by the dynamic water surface. Add to that the exceptional food with an emphasis on getting every detail just right and a thorouhly professional approach, and your visit will be a special experience which you will want to repeat.

3rd DAY

Discover more than 160 years of history at the glassworks, from the oldest pieces created to contemporary collections, as well as well-known owners of luxurious Moser crystal. During the tour you will see an engaging film that shows you the beauty and uniqueness of the art of glassmaking. If you are interested, you can also use an audio guide, allowing to take the tour at your own pace.Experience the authentic atmosphere of artistic work by hand, as presented by the master glassmakers at the Moser Glassworks. See how they transform a glowing mass of glass, taken from a furnace at a temperature of 1300 °C, into the shape they desire, how they blow the glass and shape it in wooden moulds.

4th DAY

The Castle Spa is located in the heart of the Carlsbad spa area, in the vicinity of the Market and the Hot Spring Colonnade. The Castle Spa is one of the most beautiful spa centers in Europe and it provides a wide range of curative and relaxation programs.

5th DAY

6th DAY

From the very beginning, the sumptuous palace in the heart of Vienna was a place for concerts and cultural events. In keeping with this tradition, the Salonorchester Alt Wien, together with renowned singers and dancers, regularly performs the best pieces of Mozart and Strauss. Strauss had already performed here shortly after the inauguration and the famous golden Strauss monument right next to Kursalon pays tribute to the composer's special connection with the building. But not only musical highlights are presented in Kursalon: the dinner at restaurant "Johann" promises a unique culinary experience and includes the highlights of traditional Viennese cuisine.

7th DAY

8th DAY

9th DAY

See the most fabulous buildings of Budapest, UNESCO world heritage sights with many stops, spiced with entertaining stories and cultural insights.

At the end of the tour we invite you for a Fröccs - a Hungarian summer drink in a typical local pub.

10th DAY

11th DAY

After playing the course, spend a nice late lunch in the Echo Café & Restaurant, at Tihany

12th DAY

This little Hungarian restaurant is located in a nerby town, Kaposmérő. You can find all elements of the Hungarian cuisine on the menu, and enjoy rural atmosphere in the restaurant.

13th DAY

14th DAY

Canyoning in this part of Slovenia offers some of the most breath taking and thrilling experiences. It is the perfect blend of diversity - it merges all awesome outdoor sports into one thrilling activity. You will be hiking through beautiful forests, climbing, swimming in pools of fresh mountain spring water, jumping down waterfalls, abseiling and much more.

15th DAY

Not only the rich history and picturesque nature, one of the most recognizable elements of the castle is a restaurant that offers modern interpretations of traditional dishes and drinks. The company Jezeršek leaves its mark and ensures absolute quality, Bled Castle is also establishing itself as one of the most important culinary points in Slovenia. With the help of the local environment and the providers a unforgettable experiences is created here, suitable for protocol guests, tourist groups and individuals.

16th DAY


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